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We are confident that we can provide the eye care you need. At Epstein Vision Care we provide a wide spectrum of eye care services for all ages! Our family-friendly eye care center offers comprehensive exams, treatment for ocular diseases, dry eye treatments, emergency assistance, co-management for LASIK and more.


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Thorough Eye Exams in Vernon Hills, Illinois

A comprehensive eye exam offered at Epstein Vision Care checks for much more than clear vision. Annual eye exams are recommended by our Vernon Hill eye doctor for people of all ages. Dr. Peter Epstein will check your retina for any signs of disease while asking you about your eye health history.

Advanced Technology Used By Our Vernon Hills Optometrist

Our Vernon Hills eye care center is fully equipped with the latest technology that offers accurate diagnoses and advanced treatments for an array of eye conditions. Our eye care services go way above and beyond routine eye exams and eyewear prescription checks. Whether you visit Dr. Epstein for a visual acuity test, eye exam, macular degeneration or glaucoma treatment, you’ll benefit from his professionalization and excellent patient service.

Professional Treatment For A Wide Range Of Eye Conditions & Diseases

Looking for professional diagnosis and treatment for eye conditions such as astigmatism, dry eye or presbyopia? Need our assistance in managing your glaucoma or cataracts? Dr. Epstein has years of experience in diagnosing and managing a variety of eye conditions. Visit our optometry practice inside Sam's Club in Vernon Hills for a consultation today!



Our Eye Care Services: